19, Jan, 2021
Payday loans pros and cons review

Payday loans pros and cons review

Payday loan is next to provident a loan company. Using her services, we can get: istitutogentile.com for a critique

  • a loan in the amount of 2 to 15 thousand zlotys;
  • repayment period from 6 to 36 months.

The offer is therefore not very rich. What should bother us to take a loan in Payday loan or discourage this step?

Payday loans reviews:

Payday loans reviews:


The main advantages that will help you get a loan in this company include:

  • a simple way to get a loan – just after entering the company website, use the loan calculator, register and submit an application. After accepting the application, the lender contacts by phone;
  • a simple way of data verification by means of a transfer in the amount of PLN 1;
  • low costs of obtaining a loan – commissions and fixed costs;
  • quick money transfer after verification;
  • the possibility of obtaining a loan even if it is included in the debtors databases;
  • low APY for clients entering into a contract with Payday for the first time;
  • possibility of using the so-called loan holidays by a month – applies to loans for a period of more than 6 months. In the case of larger sums from monthly holidays, we can use up to several times;
  • relatively low interest rates for past due installments – for individual cases.

Payday defects of the loan

The most frequently mentioned negative premises, which cause that some people are not willing to conclude a contract are:

  • the need to have stable income guaranteeing repayment of installments;
  • no free first loan;
  • no possibility to adjust the amount of the loan we want to get and time, i.e. the number of installments in which it will be repaid;
  • the need to have a bank account with access to electronic banking;
  • delays in both data verification and loan transfers resulting from the functioning of electronic banking;
  • in the event of termination of the contract due to the borrower’s fault, a very short period for repayment of the entire outstanding amount and sale of debt to the companies dealing in debt collection.