19, Jan, 2021
Payday Loans for Employees: How to get them

Payday Loans for Employees: How to get them


Payday loan for employees: the advantages

Founded in 1862 as an independent company, today is a joint-stock company, whose capital is held 100% by the State through the Ministry of Economy and Finance. In fact, the company has a widespread presence on the national territory, thanks to a staff of 142,268 employees, distributed throughout Italy in the 13,310 post offices, of which over 700 . An assessment at vazlda.com

Being a state-owned company, employees enjoy special discounts, normally provided for public employees. First of all the presence of an employment contract , often for an indefinite period. Conditions unknown to many workers, especially the younger ones.

How to obtain payday loan for employees

In the face of a pay slip, banks and finance companies grant payday loan more easily. This is in fact one of the main guarantees required by credit institutions, which in the event of insolvency may require the attachment of salary. In fact, in fact, the provision of a personal loan is not subject to the presentation of real guarantees.

Retired loans in Sardinia

However, if the credit profile of the applicant is not strong enough to guarantee repayment of the credit, the bank may request the presentation of additional guarantees in order to limit the risk of default. Among these, the most used is the signature of a guarantor, who undertakes to repay the loan in the event of failure to pay the debtor.

Subjects reported in the databases as protesters and bad payers are excluded from personal payday loan. These can however resort to payday loan on the sale of the fifth , which are distinguished from the traditional personal payday loan for the repayment method: the installments are deducted from the pay slip.

Payday loan for employees on assignment of the fifth

The amortization plan provides for monthly installments with a constant amount and the interest rate remains fixed for all the repayment duration. The salary assignment is guaranteed only by the presence of the pay slip.

However, the financing finds some form of protection from the risk of default in the accrued by the employee. This has the function of protecting the lender against the risk of injury, loss of work or death before the loan is settled .

In order to safeguard the guarantees, the reference legislation establishes that the applicant cannot request advances on for the entire duration of the repayment. To mitigate the risk of insolvency, the mandatory underwriting of a policy against life risk and employment risk is also envisaged, which guarantees the coverage of the residual debt possibly exceeding.